How Do We Control The Quality Of Fopu's Products

*Third-party inspection is acceptable.If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality control is the most important part in the production process of socks or sport brace. Fopu pays great attention to quality control, We have more than 20 quality inspectors.We will casually pick 80-500pcs from 500-150000pcs finished products based on International inspection standard.Then start data/measurement inspection, product inspection, washing test, compression level test, stretch test, Lighting test and so on

1.Randomly select products

Firstly, number of cartons will be counted and we will choose them randomly for further checking based on SKU.

2.Check Carton

We will check the shipping mark, weigh the cartons, measure the volume and test the cartons to make sure they are up to export standard.

3.Check socks specifications

Socks will be picked to compare with the sample you confirmed includes the size, technic, material, design, package, inside of the socks, sewed toe and unpackaged socks and packaged socks will be weighed separately, they will be marked and replaced if defective.

4.Routine test

Color fastness test, dressing test, compression level test (for compression socks only), spectrometer inspect, stretch test will be done one by one.

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