One-Stop Production

We FOPU offer an integrated solutions for custom Protective Gear, including product design, prototype sample production, mass production, OEM branding, packaging design, inspection, and worldwide shipping one-stop production services. If you are interested in finding a socks manufacturer, feel more than welcome to contact us. Our professional production process can help you obtain high-quality customized socks. At the same time, we will strictly check each production process to ensure that the goods are delivered to you on time.

Material Preparation

Yarn will be arranged once your design and sample order received. If there are special customization requirements, we will purchase yarn in advance, which takes about 15-30 days.


Socks will be started once yarn arrived. The specific production time depends on the quantity of the order and our salesperson will update the progress promptly with you.

Toe Linking

Socks will be sent to sew the toe which includes 3 types and can be chosen: machine linked toe, fake hand linked and hand linked toe.

Socks Flipping

After toe linking, the socks will be flipped to check whether there is needle leakage, which is one of the quality inspection procedures


Socks will be put on the shaping board and sent to the heated shaping machine for shaping. The softness, flatness and other features of socks will be accomplished in this process.


Compression level testing

Compression socks will have one more step to test the compression level by professional SAG machine to ensure they meet the compression standard, such as 15-20 mmHg,20-30 mmHg, 30-40mmHg etc.


Packaging can be customized, we will give suggestions based on your budget, brand identity, target customer, etc.


Quality Control

It takes about 1 days for our professional quality team to double check the socks by measuring the length of socks, checking packaging details, accessories and size, etc. And the socks will be replaced if defective.


We will ship the products to you by sea/air/express etc. and also provide DDP door-to-door service, if you have own forwarder, it’s okay to send them the products. No matter which transportation chosen, you will enjoy our one-stop transportation service.

Customize Unique Designs That Are Unique To Your Brand

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