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Super Elastic Comfortable Ankle Support Adjustable Nylon Ankle Brace


1. STABILIZATION: Designed for greater ankle brace, adjustable ankle wrap provides superior ankle stabilization.
2. AVOID INJURY: Maintaining ankles in neutral position, preventing further ankle sprains and fractures.Helps improve blood circulation, and help restore any chronic ankle strain
3. RELIEVE ANKLE PAIN: Ankle braces help reduce swelling and pain from overuse or injury, and make wounds heal faster. And it is very suitable for alleviating plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, swelling, Achilles tendon support, minor ankle injuries and other pains.
4. COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: Neoprene not only to give needed compression, with how it is meticulously made, it also ensures to keep the feet dry, comfortable and odor-free throughout the entire because of its sweat-wicking feature.
5. SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF SPORTS: Suitable for all kinds of sports activities, running, basketball, volleyball, football, golf, mountain climbing etc. You can wear the most suitable ankle brace, with the family for a walk, make your favorite activities.