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Non-Slip Breathable Cycling Gloves


1. Full Palm Protection: High-density stereo sponge palm pads in line with ergonomic design can fill the gap between your hands and the fitness equipment. Protect your hands from tear, calluses, and blisters.
2. Wrist Support: Have honeycomb anti-slip silica points, which can increase friction, enhance grip, and provide stability.
3. Breathable: The back of the gym gloves designed with light and thin fabric can fit well with your hands, providing your hands to breathe freely and feel comfortable while doing intense training, rejecting sweat and smell.
4. Durable:Made of durable microfibre, has high wearability. It’s an ideal choice for workout gifts.
5. Humanized Design: The pull tab design on the finger can take off the gloves easily after exercise without turning the exercise gloves over.