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High Elastic Wrist Protector Outdoor Breathable Knit Wrist Support


1. Arthritis Gloves: Wrist Support with gel pad inside can promote blood circulation and relieve joint pain,protect sore thumb points and support thumb, prevent thumb wrist damage,improve wrist strength.
2. Broad Usage Scenario: Perfect for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, aching joints, hand injuries or wrist strains and sprains.
3. Breathable & comfortable: Made of high quality nylon and latex, breathable,lightweight,high elasticity,elastic resilience and wear-resistant.
4. Suitable Most Peopl : With fingerless design, suitable for most kind of hands,wrist bands have super elasticity and breathability that makes your fingers and hands more comfortable.
5. Portable: The light support brace very soft for maximum comfort, different from bulky braces you will forget that you are using them.