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USB Charge Smart Back Posture Corrector


1. Intelligent Posture Corrector : The posture corrector automatically vibrates and reminds the user of the wrong posture through real-time monitoring.
2. Ergonomic Design : The humpback strap is designed to conform to the to conform to the human curve. Equipped with high quality rubber elastic belt, strong elasticity, no pressure on the shoulder, very comfortable. Non-slip buckle supports length adjustment, universal for adults and children.
3. The Effect is Obvious : 2 hours after wearing, you will look healthy and confident. After 21 days of wearing, your body will form a strong muscle memory. After 90 days, your body’s bones and muscles will be completely different to correct success.
4. Long Standby Time : Can be used for 15 days after charging for 2 hours. It will always be faithful with you to protect you.