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Compression Sports Ankle Strap Sleeve


1. EFFICIENT PROTECTION AND ADJUVANT THERAPY : This ankle brace provide excellent support and stabilize. Perfect for chronic and acute ankle injury symptoms. Helps relieve pain and provides comfort related to plantar fasciitis.
2. ADJUSTABLE : Ankle support fitted with crisscross reinforcement straps to offer strong support & stabilization for the ankle tendons and joints. Helps improve circulation & ankle strain.
3. PREMIUM BREATHABLE ELASTIC MATERIAL : Nylon latex silk high elastic fiber retains heat prevents skin irritation.
4. BROAD USAGE SCENARIO : Perfect for sporting activities including running, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf etc.
5. ADVANCED COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY : Our ankle support braces hug protectively your ankle, exerting compression on the heel, arch and ankle, and toes, minimizing the risk of injuries while you walk.