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Comfortable Adjustable Unisex Shoulder Back Brace


1. POSTURE CORRECTOR: Our premium back brace can prevent and reduce scoliosis and back pain and a correct slouching hunchback and spinal curvature for better postures.
2. STRONG SUPPORT: Crafted with two flexible metal stays and straps that wrap over your shoulders and around your back for added support.
3. ULTRA COMFORTABLE: Secured on the Velcro elastic waist strap, made with breathable and plush cotton lining, the back panel provides added comfort during extended use sessions.
4. INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES: The back brace fits tightly on your back, you can wear it under your clothes unnoticeably. Always in your best posture with a straight back and flat stomach.
5. EASY TO USE: Ergonomically crafted with adjustable straps, simply pull or release the Velcro straps for a snug fit and your best posture.