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Ankle Support Wrap


1. Reliable materials: Made with non-latex, ankle wrap is very strong, which offers the nice compression for improving join stability and blood circulation.
2. Prevent sprains: the compression ankle support can well hold the ankle in place to prevent sliding hence, minimize the risk of an ankle injury and sprains
3. Flexible : an open heel design allows full range of movement and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury, especially during strenuous activities
4. Nice ankle brace strap: the ankle sleeve is designed for enhancing ankle support, relieving pain and speeding up recovery, playing a protective role during strenuous exercise as well as a positive role in recovery.
5. Wide usage: the ankle brace provides support for people who are suffering foot problems, fitting for pain relief from plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, swelling, slight ankle injuries and more, and can be applied for any sporting activities.