New Black Technology -Massage Compression Socks

Office workers who sit and stand for a long time? High-intensity exercise enthusiast? Leg Shaping? Prevent varicose veins? Have you ever seen black technology massage compression socks? It can help relax leg muscles and relieve sore legs. It can prevent varicose veins. It can shape beautiful legs. It is comfortable to wear.

What are Massage Compression Socks?

EMS pressure socks use low-frequency pulse electrical signals to simulate human brain bioelectric signals, stimulate motor nerves. It instantly adjusts contraction strength of muscles, contraction time and regularity by regulating the intensity, frequency, and intermittent time of pulse currents, etc. Command the same group of muscles. The group of muscles works together to achieve the effect of conditioning muscles and soothing massage. EMS compression socks have a number of exclusive patents. It realizes the integration of electronics and socks. They are flexible and elastic, washable, safe, efficient and durable in use.

Massage Compression Socks

What are the benefits of Massaging Compression Socks?

EMS Microcurrent Massage

Make sports more efficient and let us have no worries. Boeckh-German scholar Boeckh-Behrens & Mainka stated in a paper in 2006 that “EMS fitness exercise can easily achieve the effect of 120 minutes of traditional exercise in only 20 minutes”.

Relieves Muscle Soreness

Deeply soothing and relaxing, relieve muscle soreness, pain, fatigue and other discomforts, promote blood circulation. Massage to relieve pain, decompose lactic acid, and relieve muscle soreness.

Venous Blood Vessels

Preventing Varicose Veins

EMS electrical stimulation makes muscles contract regularly, strengthens local blood circulation, and effectively improves the pressure on the lower limbs.

Wearable Without Feeling

Combination of compression socks, electronics and clothing. Using exclusive patented technology, using special materials and processes to integrate clothing and electronics. Soft and non-feeling, comfortable and skin-friendly, can be washed many times. At least 50 times of water washing can be maintained, and the micro-current stimulation effect will not be weakened.

Build A Good Body

Insist on use can make the limbs slimmer, EMS stimulates muscle contraction, tightens the calf muscles, straightens the legs, and makes the legs more beautiful.

Multiple Gears Free Adjustment

Adjust the massage intensity according to your own situation and the degree of product adaptation. You don’t have to worry about the intensity being too large or too small, and you can enjoy the massage comfortably.