There are many compression stockings on the market, but are they really compression stockings? What are the requirements for a good pair of compression socks?

Our Compression Sosks User

Today I had the honor to interview Ella, a customer who uses our compression stockings. According to her introduce, the compression stockings were originally bought just for the sake of looking fashion. She had no hope for the function of relieving muscle tension in the product function introduction, but she did not expect the effect beyond imagination. She said, “Compared with skipping rope without wearing compression stockings before, the condition of my calves is obviously better after skipping rope, and I am more motivated to exercise. ”

The Evaluation Of Calf Compression Socks Buyer

She shared with us her own experience of purchasing compression stockings in the past. You will know that you really get what you pay for. Compression socks are inherently functional, and the cost of production is definitely higher than that of ordinary socks. Therefore, it is almost impossible to buy compression socks at a low price.

Below are compression stockings that this buyer Ella has purchased. We made a simple comparison with Ella in terms of pressure value, material, price, comfort and wearing effect.

Ordinary cotton socks are made of threaded ends above the ankle, and there is a little pressure, but this level is completely different from the effect of compression socks, just to make the socks and feet more compliant and not loose when worn. This kind of socks has better air permeability and comfort, and is more suitable for daily wear, not suitable for sports.

The socks made of nylon have low density, low pressure, average air permeability and comfort, and the price is the cheapest. The cuff of the socks is also easy to curl, which affects the wearing effect.

The density and pressure of the third type of socks are good, but the material is not so good, and the comfort is not so good. The effect of relieving muscle soreness has been achieved, but other problems are prone to occur, such as airtightness, bacteria are easy to grow on the feet, and athlete’s foot is easy to develop for a long time. Therefore, a good pair of socks must first meet the basic needs, and then meet more sports function needs.

The last one is our Fopu socks. No matter in terms of material, pressure, or comfort, this pair is the one Ella loves to wear and recommends to everyone. According to Ella, she has repurchased 3 pairs. She also recommend this compression stocking to friends and family around her.

What Are The Requirements For Calf Compression Socks?

For a good pair of sports compression socks, the first thing to look at is their comfort. No matter how good your socks are, the discomfort on the feet will prevent buyers from repurchasing them. The comfort is mainly reflected in the material. If the material is good, the price will be high. Our compression socks are ergonomically designed to fit the foot for maximum comfort. Then there is the pressure value. Our compression socks have a step-by-step pressure design, which can better relieve calf muscle soreness.