As we all know, the weather is so cold in winter, you may get ill if you do not keep warm all the time, but the novel coronavirus is not completely defeated. People with poor immunity when they are sick are particularly susceptible to infect COVID-19, especially those who often exercise outdoors. Although the number of COVID-19 infections is increasing and some experts say that it will happen sooner or later, it is not recommended to give up the protection completely. It is better to take more precautions to avoid the infection because you will feel so bad if you are infected with COVID-19.

Winter exercise

It is recommended to exercise indoor in winter, especially because of the COVID-19 outbreak in recent years. Sports in winter can strengthen the body’s resistance and reduce the chance of getting sick. High efficient aerobic exercise is the best. The high efficient is that refers to the number of joints and muscles involved in exercise per unit of time. Aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes, after the basic consumption of blood sugar, the body will mobilize glycogen and fat as a heat source to provide energy, which is the most effective for slimming.

Winter indoor slimming exercise

  • Yoga

Strenuous exercise is not suitable for winter, the movement of yoga is so slow, yoga for 30 minutes can help stomach digestion, lose weight and have a good sleep. Exercises such as posture, breathing and meditation can help balance the nervous system and relieve psychological stress.

  • Jump rope

Jump is a whole-body exercise that builds strength of muscle and endurance. The effect of jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running half an hour. It can also improve the function of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system and prevent chronic diseases.

  • Dumbbell

Dumbbell is not only strength muscles, but also lose fat. It can exercise the muscles of whole-body, improve the function of the heart and the lung and shaping.

Notice: You should gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells according to your ability.

  • Plank

Plank is the most convenient exercise without apparatus. It can strengthen your core muscle groups and improve your balance.

  • Sit-up

Sit-ups are an important part of aerobic fat burning. It is recommended to do 3 groups of 10 at a time, which can enhance the strength of abdominal muscles.

Winter exercise wear

  • Tops

Winter sports wear based on the principle of layering warm: the inner layer to wear long-sleeved quick dry clothes, the middle can be appropriate to add warm clothes according to the temperature, if it is outdoor sports, the outer layer suggested to wear a high-collar windbreaker; you don’t need to wear a coat for indoor sports, but keep your clothes light and not too tight.

  • Pants

Tight compression pants or other sweatpants that wicks moisture and wicks sweat. If you’re afraid of the cold, you can wear both. Also wear soft clothing, not too tight.

Sports Socks
  • Socks

Winter sports are very important to avoid slip, whether indoor or outdoor; But if it’s rain or snow, don’t choose mesh running shoes. In addition, the selection of socks is also important. In winter, the heat dissipates quickly, so you need to choose socks with slightly better thermal performance, such as wool socks or towel socks. It is recommended to wear sports socks when exercising, which can absorb moisture and wick away sweat. And a pair of excellent sports socks can keep us in a good state of exercise. Our professional sports socks have many styles, and there are also socks for different sports, such as football socks, yoga socks, basketball socks, etc. Of course, we also support customization. We can design for free and provide samples for you , if you are interested, please contact us~

  • Gloves

Choose gloves with a moderate thickness and soft material. For example, fleece-like soft-faced gloves are very comfortable to cover your mouth, breathe and rub your ears and nose while keeping warm. Don’t choose gloves that gather too tightly at the wrist.

  • Hat

The head is the part that dissipates the most heat, and is prone to sweating. It is also a part that is particularly prone to cold in winter. You should choose a hat that is both warm and breathable. It is best if you can cover your ears, because the ears are very soft, and it is easy to get so cold that can cause Chilblains.