We wear socks every day, but do we really know them? Did we really choose rightly? Are cotton socks really pure cotton? Do we need to buy new one when they are torn?

100% pure cotton socks?

We all know that cotton is inelastic. The so-called 100% pure cotton socks are all elastic fibers removed. How can socks without elastic be able to wear at the top? No elastic means no elasticity, no Elastic are particularly easy to deform, and are basically worn once cannot be worn. So there are no pure cotton socks that are 100% cotton.

Do you have pure cotton socks that can’t pill?

Cotton socks that don’t pill just don’t exist! Although the main component of cotton socks is cotton, in order to make them more durable, they are also mixed with other fibers, such as elastic fibers. Because cotton has more characteristic fibers, it will pill after wearing it for a long time after friction. This is also related to the shoes you wear and your walking habits.

Is combed cotton socks?

Many socks on the market are advertised as combed cotton, which sounds like pure cotton, but in fact this is a way of processing the yarn. The socks woven from the combed yarn are more delicate, smooth and soft. Smooth, cotton content still depends on the ingredients.

Can we wear the socks just bought?

Generally, when you buy close-fitting clothes, you must wash them before wearing them, but many people think that they will not wash them if they are worn under their feet, but wear them directly! But it is really necessary to wash it. First of all, I don’t know what he experienced during production and packaging. Second, they are washed with warm water and detergent, and it will be easier to clean after wearing them and getting dirty.

Do we have to wear socks until they are rotten?

Socks are best worn for 3 months before they are replaced with new ones. Most people don’t throw away the old one until they are worn out, and they continue to wear them when they are worn out. In fact, They need to be replaced frequently like underwear, because there will be a lot of bacteria after wearing for a long time, friends with athlete’s foot should pay special attention to the hygiene of socks! In addition, Exposing torn socks in public is a very embarrassing thing.

Why are the socks sold cheaply in the live broadcast room and on the street stalls?

In the era of the video economy, live broadcasts are emerging to sell goods, but socks are often sold very cheaply in the live broadcast room, or 3 pairs are sold for ten yuan on the street stalls, why are they so cheap? You get what you pay for. Businessmen are looking for profits, not for public welfare. It is impossible to sell high-quality products at low prices, so they can only be low-quality products.